ALMIS International Graduate Trainee Programme

Start your career on the right footing with experience working in FinTech for an established, reputable Company offering good conditions and career opportunities.

Applications for these vacancies are now closed.

Software Engineer – Graduate positions

Working on the latest data and analytical software, developing modern applications for a strategic roadmap of development.

Financial Systems Analyst – Graduate positions

Exposure to a modern World-class bank asset liability system used at more than 60 banks and building societies.

Conscientious, ambitious graduates with degrees in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Accountancy and Finance, Economics/Business Studies, Mathematics should apply.

Applicants should provide a CV and cover letter to

Here’s what our graduate trainees think –

Software Engineers

“Working at ALMIS has been a first-rate experience for my ability to both learn and improve upon my technical and soft skills. As a graduate software engineer, I have worked end to end across our systems, ensuring I have a wide range of knowledge across multiple different technologies, languages and frameworks. ALMIS are not afraid to give staff individual responsibilities to ensure that each member of the development team is able to effectively cooperate and contribute to the product.”

Financial Systems Analysts

“Since beginning my role as a Graduate Financial Systems Analyst, ALMIS has provided me with an exceptional platform to learn and develop my skills/understanding of finance and banking whilst offering valuable exposure to Fintech, data and systems. The large client base and product complexity offers a challenging yet rewarding experience and high-level exposure, which I believe is hard to come by for most graduates. The role poses a steep learning curve and requires autonomy with the business rewarding hard work. It’s a great first for role for a graduate as you’re heavily involved quickly in the inner workings of a small growing FinTech company. As you develop you are given more responsibilities to manage specific products or projects.”

“I started at ALMIS as a graduate over 3 years ago with little knowledge of banking or risk management. Over this period, I have completed further studies in these areas with the full support of the company including ACT, CIMA and ALMA qualifications. The role has developed as I have learned the various software products and I now contribute in some way to all areas of the business – including sales processes, running customer training sessions, product development lifecycle and client support services, and have gained a deep understanding of the banking risk sector. FSA are the cogs that keep the wheels turning for new developments and implementation projects!
ALMIS has a small friendly team which allows you to be involved and contribute to company direction and offer your advice on projects – I especially enjoy seeing the impact of my ideas. You are trusted to manage your own time with only a few routine tasks, using morning stand ups to catch up with the rest of the team. It is a role that suits someone who is willing to get stuck in and ask lots of questions as you learn about the ALMIS products and the industry.”

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