Completing regulatory returns is a complex and increasingly important responsibility for banking institutions.

Our stand-alone solution ALMIS® Regulatory Reporting is driven by leveraging the data of our Middle Office+ Data Platform to produce the best automated regulatory reporting software of its kind on the market. It’s part of our commitment to bring our front office functionality onto the same modern platform as Middle Office+ and Cobalt.

With its extensive capabilities, ALMIS® Regulatory Reporting can prepare and validate returns for the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), including the Common Reporting Framework (COREP), and Financial Reporting (FINREP) frameworks, as well as produce reports for the Financial Services Authority and the Bank of England. The software is easily maintained, supports multiple taxonomies and works much faster on a dedicated SQL object-oriented database.

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    What are the features of ALMIS® Regulatory Reporting?

    A data-driven system that can import multiple taxonomies from various reporting bodies

    It’s engineered to interpret and provide new published regulation templates and future updates

    Workflow is organised using clear status reporting so that the authority framework can be controlled within your institution’s system giving you segregation for the approval and submission of returns

    It has colour-coded highly usable report view and change grids and works quickly with Excel templates or autopopulation from ALMIS

    Why choose ALMIS® Regulatory Reporting?

    It saves time
    Our automated solution is the most efficient on the market and there’s no need for manual processes.

    It has extensive capabilities
    It’s easy to update with new taxonomies and gives companies a single version of the truth.

    It’s flexible
    FO+ RR can be used as a stand-alone solution or as part of our broader ALMIS® software offering.
    ‘ALMIS International have bent over backwards to help us and to guide our IT people through the installations. We’re always treated as a priority and not left to fix things ourselves. The company is more than just a software provider, they’re very much a partner.’
    John Free ­– Regulatory Accountant
    ‘One of the biggest advantages of having a full ALM solution is that it’s underpinned by a single source of data. With this new regulatory reporting functionality, any data brought into the system populates the returns automatically, eliminating the need for any manual input.’
    Robin Collett – Head of Treasury