The ALMIS® Solution has been developed continuously for over 25 years. The forthcoming launch of Middle Office + is the latest milestone in that program. For the first time our clients will soon have a dedicated data platform application for all balance sheet management.

At its simplest, Middle Office + is a straight replacement for the Database Management System which has traditionally formed the ALMIS® Middle Office. It will feed the data required for Front Office outputs in the same way. But as a modern relational database it will offer various additional features including customised reporting and data analytics.

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    Data Model:

    Developed for modern bank balance sheet management.

    ETL / ELT:

    Greater flexibility to integrate with operational data.

    Standard integration:
    Out of the box import to standard specifications.

    Customised integration:
    Use industry leading tool kits for custom and fully automatic daily load.

    Secure environment:

    Single sign on multi user layered access to secure database with logs and exception / validation reporting.

    Optimised to deliver the right level of data to ALMIS® front office modules.

    Why choose ALMIS® Middle Office +?

    Easy Transition
    We have designed Middle Office + so that clients can seamlessly transition to the new technology, using existing interfaces and ALMIS® Front Office as before.

    More Flexible
    Clients can now take advantage of a higher level of flexibility over how to extract, transform and load data; and what data to hold.

    Greater Sophistication
    Clients can utilise a wide range of reporting and analytics tools.

    ‘ALMIS International have bent over backwards to help us and to guide our IT people through the installations. We’re always treated as a priority and not left to fix things ourselves. The company is more than just a software provider, they’re very much a partner.’
    John Free ­– Regulatory Accountant